silk veil fans

I am contemplating a wholesale order (10 or so pairs?)  of the long silk veil fans and am looking for recommendations for vendors.

or tips/ what to look for in placing an order.

I bought mine at a show and am really happy with them but needing to order them for a troupe....means I need to keep the costs down

colour flexibility it also a plus.

I haven't been able to find a colour I really love (and that will match group costuming etc )
at the moment I'm half thinking I might buy them in white & try dying them myself.

OR just go with the plain white!

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ps - Canadian....

Mostly bindis and some jewelry

Hello everyone!

All my life I've supported and created art in various forms and after I started studying the Arabic language and Middle Eastern culture three years ago, I fell into bellydance and I absolutely adore it. I'm a relative newcomer to the bellydance and tribal community and I've been making bindis for the past year and a half. Please check out my etsy site regularly for updates and feel free to send personal requests through the 'Alchemy' option.

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Free Shipping!

Free Shipping!

As a post holiday maddness recoup for everyone, I'm offering free shipping, worldwide, on all items through January 31st. Bindi, jewelry, matchboxes, medallions...even the assuit.
Miischelle, or Ms. M'chelle, had been selling bindi for well of two years - her pieces are known for their detail, quality, and originality. Her unique costuming creations are worn by dancers worldwide.

Do you love your bindi?



Still cleaning out the sample in the back room...

I'm finding all sorts of clothing to be put up for sale!

Like a bustle belt sample, the tattoo pants shown in the picture above, black and cream lace-ruffled pants,
brown and black lace pants and harlequin skirts in blue/purple and orange/red!

These are all at reduced prices, and most of them are one-offs - you won't find them again!
Limited sizing only, so if you see it, snag it!
Up next - velvet ghawazee jackets!

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Earth Mother Creations Livejournal Sale!

After finding out earlier this year that I am pregnant, and suddenly realising that I am going to have to clean up my sewing room to make way for new baby, I have decided to put up some of my off-the-rack stock up on LJ to get rid of it.
Please note: This is not the custom sizing stuff - that is still available on my Etsy store - this is stuff that I have made for stalls and markets, and is now taking up too much space.
Most are reduced by significant amounts. I have a range of sizes (from M to 4xl at the moment)and styles, and I will be adding more as I can photograph them.
At the moment, I have more of my regular styles up for sale, but samples and unusual fabrics will be up very soon, so keep your eyes out. ;)
Click here to see all the tops!
Click here to see the pants!
Limited Edition stuff here!

If you are interested in anything, PM me or comment, and we can arrange it from there.
Terms, conditions and postage can be seen here.

Thanks for looking!