February 18th, 2011

Blaze by the Fire

Amazing tassel belt for sale!

I've been going through a lot of stuff in prep for an online garage sale I am planning & evaluating things that I really need to re-home. This item is one of them. Since it's more of a burgundy fading to pink shading than a true red it clashes with my red skirts & the rest of my accessories. I just don't reach for it & haven't worn it since May of last year.

Like I said when I bought it (in my own journal & the BD community) it was super expensive but well worth it. Hand dip dyed tassels, antique fabric with real mirrors & coins & handmade chains & braids. It's still in pristine condition & probably the most well made belt I have ever seen. I forgot to measure it last night but since it's a tie front it's VERY adjustable. It fit me last night; my hips are 36 inches right now but it fit me & still looked great when they were 43+.

$400 firm plus shipping ($12 for Priority with Insurance & DC within US)